For years our customers have enjoyed our delectable range of crab and prawn dips, but we couldn’t help thinking something was missing… That’s when we realised no seafood selection is complete without the king of all fish – tuna!

We quickly knuckled down to develop a range of delicious tuna dips, testing recipe after recipe to find ingredients that complemented the taste of tuna perfectly. Like all True Blue Dips, we stuck with our philosophy that fresh is always best, to come up with three scrumptious blends of real fresh tuna mixed with South Australian cream cheese and other locally sourced ingredients for three very different flavour sensations.


Tuna is such a versatile fish, which provided us with plenty of room for experimentation with flavours. We used tried and true flavour combinations to create three mouth-watering creamy tuna dips that’ll have you longing for more. You’ll find our exciting new tuna dip range in selected stockists today:

  • Chilli Tuna Dip – The perfect blend of tangy fresh tuna with just the right hint of chilli for a zesty kick. Contains real cooked tuna, Neufchâtel cheese, sweet chilli sauce, chilli flakes and lemon juice.
  • Lemon Pepper Tuna Dip – Serves up a deliciously creamy blend of irresistibly classic flavours, made with real cooked tuna, Neufchâtel cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, lemon juice and cracked black pepper.
  • Thai Tuna Dip – Offers an exotic blend of traditional Thai flavours with tangy tuna pieces, combining Neufchâtel cheese, sweet chilli sauce, onion, tom yum paste, basil and lemon to transport you to the streets of Bangkok.
  • Keen to know what other gourmet seafood dips we have available? Check out our products page to discover our drool-worthy range of real crab and prawn dips, which you’ll find for sale alongside our exciting new tuna range.


One of the fantastic things about our gourmet seafood dips is that they’re so versatile. Our tuna dips make the perfect addition to any platter and are fabulous enjoyed as is on your favourite crackers, wafers or vegetable sticks. However, if you want to expand your horizons, our tuna dips are delicious spread on sandwiches or toast, mixed into salads, added to fish burgers or tacos, or even stirred into pasta. We especially love them with corn chips!

Whether served as part of an antipasto platter, on their own, or as part of a bigger recipe, you’ll love every mouthful of our new gourmet tuna dip range.